Helix Process Challenge (PCD) Test + 250 Strips

Helix Process Challenge (PCD) Test + 250 Strips

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Helix Process Challenge Test Device (PCD) made using stainless steel rather than conventional plastic means that the VERIFY+ Helix PCD is a more durable device. The Helix Process Challenge Test Device is used to ensure that your steriliser is functioning properly, as indicated by a test strip which is placed inside the helix PCD module and changes colour to confirm correct processing.


+ Helix module capsule is made with stainless steel
+ Includes 250 adhesive indicator strips as standard
+ Suitable for use with Type B small steam sterilisers


Includes 250 test strips as standard
Includes cotton bag for processing

This product may also be referred to as: Helix Test, Helix PCD.



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