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Millseal+ EVO


The art of sterilization: packaging

A wide range of solutions designed to meet every possible day-to-day need: both manual and automatic versions are available, each offering medical professionals and their staff first-rate service they can count on. Mocom thermal sealers ensure perfect instrument sterility, allowing you to focus on making the most of your hard-won skills.


A crescendo of simplicity and efficiency

The extraordinary harmony of the Millseal+ Evo thermal sealer stems from its minimalist design and excellent compactness. What makes this unit so outstanding is simplicity of use and fully automatic control of the preparation phase; after setting the length and number of the pouches you wish to prepare, just press the “Programme” key to start the procedure.



Guaranteed to maintain sterilization performance. Millseal+ thermal sealers are equipped with electronic control of sealing parameters (time and temperature) and ensure a 12 mm wide sealing band, well in excess of legal requirements. Furthermore, visual-acoustic messages provide information on sealer operating efficiency.


The keypad lets you set pouch length and quantity and save up to two programmes. The display lets the user view the length and number of pouches. In addition to motor-powered feed, the Cursor keys allow pouch length and number to be set.











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