Mocom H10 Hybrid Washer Disinfector

Tethys H10

The Evolution of Disinfection

The Hybrid Disinfection Device by Mocom. Tethys H10 incorporates, in a single exclusive process, the force of water, the energy of heat and the power of ultrasound to ensure maximum safety, outstanding process speeds and ease of use.

Tethys H10

Force, energy and power.

Thermal disinfection and deep-acting ultrasound in one single device. The combination of in-depth ultrasound washing and disinfection treatment provides effective rationalisation of reconditioning protocols, ensuring complete protection for health workers. Instrument treatment with the EN ISO 15883-1/2-certified Tethys H10 is characterised by homogeneous cleaning and a drying stage that eliminates every last trace of moisture.


Protection and safety: the added value of Tethys H10. The H10 revolution begins with its sophisticated washing and disinfection system, designed to make the process faster and more effective: more streamlined, more user-friendly procedures, in synergy with a wash process in a class of its own and a cutting-edge decalcification system.



Hi-tech disinfection. Tethys H10 is the perfect synthesis of innovative technology and simplicity of use. The touch screen has been designed to ensure full interaction, allowing users, simply and intuitively, to view all the available pre-set or user-personalised programmes and choose the most suitable one.


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