Securilog Dataloggers

Securilog Dataloggers

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HTM01-05 requires that process data should be documented and safely stored for audit. SECURILOG performs HTM01-05 process monitoring for you.
SECURILOG is a data logging device to replace the printer on decontamination machines such as ultrasonic cleaners, washer disinfectors and sterilizers.

The data that would normally print onto a hardcopy receipt is instead logged onto a memory card and transferred to your computer for viewing.

The data can still be printed out for archival purposes if needed.

If you are storing volumes of process receipts or your equipment has no monitoring device
at all, SECURILOG removes the need to perform the daily HTM01-05 Automatic Control Test.
SECURILOG provides you with HTM01-05 process monitoring compliance for a wide range of dental machines.

One of our accredited SECURILOG engineers will normally take approximately an hour to fully install and train your surgery staff in its use. Contact us today for a no obligation quotation. 



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