Verify+ DUWL Disinfectant

Verify+ DUWL Disinfectant

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Dental Unit Water Line Disinfectant

VERIFY+ Dental Unit Water Line Disinfectant is an alcohol free solution that safely and effectively removes biofilm from dental unit water lines (DUWL).

Other than its outstanding efficacy, one main advantage of the product is that it is a ready to use, once a week application meaning that staff time is not wasted preparing it and patients’ do not have the inconvenience of a disinfectant going into their mouths during treatment.

Another major benefit is that the product has the same chemical hazard rating as water so it will not damage pipes, water bottles or hand pieces.


+ Outstanding efficacy to remove biofilm and to prevent any further build up
+ Alcohol free formulation
+ 99.999% effective against bacteria and fungi in under 30 seconds
+ Same hazard rating as water
+ Class IIa CE marked for disinfection of a medical device


Available in 5 Litre size



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